The Building Envelope

The Building Envelope – extensive conservation of natural resources

Today, rapidly growing economies are faced with a number of challenges around the world. The global shortage of resources such as energy and base materials as well as the ongoing urbanization and, as a result, the reduction of available space for a growing population are becoming major issues for societies.
Therefore, construction techniques that save natural resources like energy, land and construction materials have become a critical factor.

Using exterior composite wall and roof sytems, a light-weight solution, saves all of the mentioned resources. It creates an ”envelope ” which forms a highly efficient thermal insulation around a building and saves 2/3rds of the energy required for heating and cooling. But not only that. When the attic is built with exterior wall and roof panels, it allows for an additional, fully habitable floor and therefore saves some 10 % of land. Also, the light-weight composite systems save other valuable resources like bricks, steel and cement. This system, wooden framing, mineral wool and the facade, are the solution to a number of challenges created by China‘s fast growing economy. 

Higher energy efficiency and better indoor climate

Building with prefabricated or on-site manufactured wall and roof panels results in many advantages for the architect, the developer and, last but not least, for the resident. This technique, composite panels for exterior walls and roofs, the building envelope will not only result in more living space compared to brick walls, but also in the optimum room climate possible. In the hot season, indoor temperatures will, thanks to the higher insulation factor, stay relatively low. Whereas in the cold season, the better thermal insulation will keep rooms warm and and cozy, keeping energy consumption very low. This is another reason, why this technique has been so successful in Europe for over 40 years where the extreme temperature changes required roofs and walls with optimum thermal properties. The wood frame composite was the ideal solution.

Savings for the benefit of all

Using the envelope building system results in dramatically better thermal insulation properties of buildings. It is obvious that fulfilling requirements of the government and helping the society as a whole is a challenge for the construction industry. The use of building systems with wood components and the application of state-of-the-art western technology provides a large number of advantages. The use of prefabricated or on-site produced modules, for example, also saves time in the construction of a building.

The result is a clean, healthy and safe environment for end-users, a major factor for those in charge of the property development. If the envelope building technique is applied, the energy savings are enormous. For example, if it was only applied in urban regions with an estimated population of 300 million people, more than 10 million barrels of oil could be saved.

A new wall and roof panel system, combining concrete structures with wood frame design, saves energy, material and cost
The Building system of the wall-roof panel system saves 2/3rds of the engery compared to using bricks