Benefits of building with wood

Reducing CO2 emissions and improving the environment

  • Wood products store the CO2 absorbed by growing tree
  • Substantial reductions of CO2 emissions can be achieved by substituting wood for other materials
  • Wood buildings also reduce CO2 emissions as a result of their energy-efficiency
  • Life Cycle Assessment demonstrates the low environmental impact of wood buildings
  • Whole Life Costing demonstrates the cost-efficiency of wood buildings


  • Japan needs increasing energy supplies
  • But most energy production has an impact on the environment
  • Energy-efficient buildings are part of the answer
  • Wood buildings are more energy-efficient
  • Wood frame buildings are easier to insulate
  • Research confirms wood buildings save energy


  • Wood frame is popular world-wide
  • There are many studies showing it is cost-efficient in construction and operation

Safety and durability

  • Wood frame construction has superior seismic performance, even in the most severe earthquakes
  • Fire safety is assured by fire-rated, finished assemblies and code-compliancy
  • Different climatic conditions are taken into account to avoid issues with biological agents
  • Surveys demonstrate the durability of wood buildings
  • Codes and standards ensure wood buildings are constructed for durability
  • Design and construction practices are backed by extensive research