Glulam construction

Engineered wood construction: glued laminated timber

In Europe, structural glue laminated timber is widely used in constructions where span width is an issue and/or the unique beauty of the wood is to be exploited architecturally. Glulam beams and columns have a strong aesthetic appeal, as the structure of a building can be expressed in the exposed beauty of the wood.

Glue laminated timber – engineered wood beams and columns - are used in homes, schools, sports halls, railway stations, industrial and commercial buildings, such as shopping centres and expo buildings, and public buildings, such as museums and concert halls. They are also used in landscaping and infrastructure applications such as glulam bridges. Glulam beams and columns come as standard products, with a variety of cross-sections and lengths. Custom designed beams and columns are prefabricated according to customer needs and can include curved shapes and mechanical interfaces to concrete or steel structures etc.

Glulam is a mature technology in Europe, where large span buildings are still in use after almost 100 years.

Sibelius concert hall with structural glulam, Finland
Science research centre with structural glulam, Gothenburg
Entrance to Swedish pavilion in structural glulam, World Expo 2010, Shanghai
Inside of the Swedish pavillion, World Expo 2010, Shanghai