Building systems

Building systems

The best of both worlds: synergetic solutions for construction in Japan

In Japan, the construction with wood has a very long tradition and Japanese people have an extensive knowledge of the advantages and applications of wood. Nevertheless, in the past few decades, wood usage has declined as heavy building methods have been increasingly implemented.

In Europe, the shortage of energy forced the develop- ment of energy saving, light-weight construction technologies decades ago. Today, Japan can benefit from this experience. The ideal combination in terms of saving material, time and money is the result of a combination of concrete structures with wood frame wall systems fo exterior walls and wood truss roof systems. In other words: the best practices of Japanese and European construction traditions and know-how form the ideal synergetic solution for efficient construction in Japan.

Wood hybrid construction

  • Concrete storeys plus wood frame storeys
  • Concrete structures with wood frame exterior and interior walls
  • Wood frame roofs on concrete structures

Engineered wood construction: glued laminated timber

Solid panels