CE certified producers

CE marking of structural timber

Based on the harmonised standard  “Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section”.

Requirements for certification

NS-EN 14081 states that in order to CE mark structural timber, conformity with system 2+ must be documented. This entails certification of the factory production control. Before a certificate can be issued an initial inspection is performed, where the quality handbook and control routines (control of production equipment and timber) are assessed. Based on this inspection, the certificate is issued. 
Continuous surveillance is performed minimum once a year for companies that produce visually graded structural timber, and twice a year for companies that produce machine graded structural timber. The inspection includes evaluation of quality documentation, evaluation of production control, registration of deviations and measures taken at deviations. If a company does not correct the deviations in a satisfactory manner, the certificate may be revoked. 


Certified companies have the right to mark the structural timber with the CE mark.

List of CE approved companies, 1

List of CE approved companies, 2

CE standard for wood recognised in Japan 

From February 6, the European standard 14081-1 for design strength values for structural lumber is recognized in Japan. CE stamped 2”x4” products can thus be used in the same way as JAS certified products. Pine and spruce are included in the first step but other species can be added later. This will simplify exports for construction timber to Japan.
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