Industry's categories

The Major Industries

The Construction Industry

The performance of the woodworking industries, even the furniture sector, is highly dependent on the performance of the construction industry, as the vast majority of the products manufactured by the European woodworking industry find their way into the construction sector both for structural and non-structural applications, as well as for decorative purposes, such as furniture. The industry, therefore, makes a significant contribution to a building segment that represents 12%-14% on average of EUR Member States’ GDP.

The Furniture Industry

Europe still remains the world’s largest furniture producer, but imports to the EUR have also risen by more than 20%. The sector is a major user of wood-based panels used together with wood sliced veeners, but also an important user of sawn wood, especially hardwood. Therefore, the development of the European woodworking sector is closely linked to the furniture sector.

The Pallet and Packaging Industry  

Approximately 300 million wooden pallets are produced in Europe every year and in all, 20-25% of all timber consumption is used for wooden pallets and packaging. The sector represents 3% of the EUR industry with 3,000 companies, employing around 50,000 people. 

Production of sawn timber in Europe 2007-2010